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So shoot, life everything such an energy game. Starting to really see the benefits of doing a podcast and really documenting my process in regards to growing a successful business. Super excited about sharing that with you and then also…

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Hey guys, Jesse here and this is the Biz Dezigner Podcast.  

So the big question is this. How do you design a business of your dreams? How, as an entrepreneur, do you grow a business that pays you what you’re worth without robbing you of your time, your relationships, and your health? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Jesse Razo, and welcome to the Biz Designer Podcast.    


So shoot, life everything such an energy game. Starting to really see the benefits of doing a podcast and really documenting my process in regards to growing a successful business. Super excited about sharing that with you and then also, let me tell you a quick story. Having a conversation with my 13-year-old daughter and we were talking a little bit about business and I was talking to her about some of the things that I had in regards to projects and what I was up to and we talked about the Biz Dezigner Podcast and why it was that I was doing that. And it was a question that came up. She was 13, kind of loved the fact that she’s interested in what I’m up to as her dad and that makes me excited. But, then it dawned on me that I had a powerful reason that I was doing it in addition to helping other people and helping other business owners and entrepreneurs, I wanted to document this process for my daughters. And it became ultra clear to me at that moment. It was clear before that I wanted to help and serve people and I wanted to support the entrepreneurial community, and that there was another business owner that maybe could look to and towards the things that I had done and draw inspiration and/or motivation from that. And some practical advice as well, or tactics, that would be really cool. But today it really hit me that what’s really deep down driving me, in addition to that, in addition to serving people and in addition to really making an impact and a difference and creating my own brand and doing that, and kind of growing that brand. I’ve made a commitment to that as well. But what I really want to do is create some legacy and drive some key points home for my daughters. When they’re looking to grow their business, what is it that I can provide to them if they are going to be business owners, hopefully they will, and hopefully they’ll want to be entrepreneurs and follow their dad’s footsteps but we’re going to make them — we’re going to make them sharp and they’re going to get access to information and training and tools and everything like that, and hopefully exposure to me will give them an advantage over where I started from and they’ll be able to achieve some higher level of success. In my mind, that would be the greatest thing ever. So these podcasts are dedicated to them and for them, in addition to serving my community. Hopefully it’ll serve them when they’re growing their business. Making a long story short, the reason I share is because finding your reason why  to do whatever it is that you’re going to be doing in your business is incredibly important. And this is something that I heard from a mentor years and years and years ago, when I was in multi-level marketing and direct marketing. Having a reason why to get up and then remain passionate and inspired is incredibly important and finding that spark, you’ll see it. Once you find that spark and you’re able to check in and create energy because of it, it’s going to transform your business and it’s going to transform the way that you interact with customers and they’re going to feed off that because of course sales, and marketing, and business is an energy game. And you want to make sure that you come to the table with good, positive energy. And that that energy is authentic and you’re doing it for the right reasons. So hopefully this helps. Hopefully you have a reason why that you’re out there, you’re grinding, you’re playing the game and hopefully you’re striving to be excellent at everything that you do. Hopefully that reason why motivates and inspires you and if not, spend some time trying to figure that out. Figure out what your reason why is and what it is that you can do to help motivate and inspire yourself. Until the next time we speak, hopefully this helped you in regards to building your business. Until then, good luck! 


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